BAFOUSSAM REGIONAL HOSPITAL: THE CITY MAYOR PROVIDES 500 INSTANT SCREENING KITS AGAINST COVID 19, DONATION OF THE SENATOR SYLVESTRE NGOUCHINGHE. The  Bafoussam City Mayor , Roger Tafam, handed over 500 COVID 19 test kits on behalf of Senator Sylvestre NGOUCHINGHE to the Bafoussam regional hospital.

Messina The Director of the institution Pr Georges ENOW OROCK expressed his sincere gratitude to the donor whose one-off donations will help them in the fight against the global pandemic. The mayor seized the opportunity to reiterate his ardent will and his determination to unite the entire elite of the west around the development of the city of Bafoussam. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, 25th August 2020 in the office of the Director of the Bafoussam regional hospital, surrounded for the occasion by his closest collaborators.



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